Please understand that in a perfect world we would be holding the race as planned on 4/18. Unfortunately, we're in a very uncertain time - people are out of work, businesses are closing, and quarantine is in full effect. It takes me almost a year to plan the New Castle 10K and now in the span of maybe 4 weeks I've had to rework this entire event to be virtual. There will be gaps or pieces I've missed but trust me, I'll fix them and will do what is right to make it work. I appreciate your understanding and thanks for participating in the New Castle 10K. If you are having issues getting setup with the virtual run or have a problem with anything, please email me.

Please keep in mind social distancing. We would love groups of you to run together but this virtual race is designed to allow you to run solo but still be connected to everyone virtually.

Is there an added cost, if I'm already registered?

NO. No additional costs to runners. This is also a free run for anyone who is not currently registered but they won't be eligible for any prizes or receive any swag, etc.

What is a virtual run?

That's a great question. A virtual run is a race you can run or walk from any location. What makes our virtual run different than others is you need to start running at the exact same time as all other runners. Please stay close to home for your route - do not travel to New Castle for this run. Please keep in mind social distancing.

Why a virtual run vs rescheduling?

It took me a long time to land on the date for the New Castle 10K and the main reason I chose it was because there were very few races conflicts on that particular weekend. Now, with a TON of races being rescheduled, everyone is fighting for a new date that works. The summer and fall of 2020 will be jam packed with races and I don't want to hurt anyone else's race, or make you choose with race to attend.

Plus, the Great Island Common in New Castle (start and finish location) is currently closed. I don't know if it will be reopened by 4/18 and I honestly don't want to wait until the last minute. I would rather provide you with a plan now.

Someone asked a great question - what is the breakdown of costs if a refund is not possible?

It's a valid question and I want to be transparent with everyone. We've had about 200+ fewer registrations, mostly because registration has halted since Covid-19 grew momentum earlier this month. We based our charity costs on the hopeful registration numbers from 2019 (and we're still committed to making it work), we've paid our apparel vendor, the artist fees for the race print, printing fees, stainless pints, supplies (cups, signs, banners, etc.), insurance, beers for runners, national anthem, permit and state fees, admin fees for registrations, and lots of little things along the way. Sadly, it adds up faster than we anticipate. 

How does it work?

It's simple. You download the app for free, join the group, and join the race; this needs to happen prior to race day. Then, on race day you simply open the app, there will be a countdown when start time is close, and then you run at 9:30am sharp. You will need to run with your phone. The app will speak to you (if you want) letting you know your pace, place, and distance. Once you finish, your time and distance are recorded. That's it! Detailed instructions are at the link at the top of the page, or by clicking here...

I'm sad to miss the National Anthem!

DON'T BE! 8-Year old Emmalina Zirpolo will be broadcasting LIVE on Saturday, 4/18 at 9:25am on our Facebook page. Click here to watch it live...

Are there still prizes for winners?

Great question! For those of you who know me, know that I love incentives and giveaways, so while this isn't our normal New Castle 10K race, I've added some things to make it more interesting.

  1. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places will be judged (honor system) through the app. The male and female winners for all 3 places will win a gift certificate to Philbricks in the amounts of:

    1. $100 for 1st place​

    2. $75 for 2nd place

    3. $50 for 3rd place

  2. After the race, I'll hold a live Facebook video (and I'll send you the link if you miss it) where I'll be randomly giving away the following 54 prizes:

    1. $10 gift certificate to Philbricks (14 winners)​*

    2. $25 gift certificate to Runner's Alley (30 winners)*

    3. $50 cash (10 winners)*

You have an estimated 1 in 8 chance of winning!

Note: to be considered for any of the gift certificate prizes listed above, you must (1) be a registered runner. Some of the prizes are available for all registered runners and some are available only to those who are signed up to run the virtual race. All registered runners, regardless if signed up for the virtual race, are eligible for the cash prizes. There are no age group winners because the virtual run system is not built to record that information. Random people who join the virtual run, while welcome, will not be considered for any prizes unless they are officially registered and have paid. Runners are only eligible for 1 prize each, regardless if they participated in the virtual race or not. Race director reserves the right to open the eligibility of the gift certificate prizes to all registered runners, depending on the number of runners who register and run the virtual race.

Facebook video for prizes

I'll be live on Facebook at 10am on Sunday, 4/19. Click here to visit the FB page to watch live.

Swag, apparel, and goodies

All registered runners, regardless if you participate in the virtual run will still receive their stainless steel pint glass, Dan Blakeslee custom race print, and apparel/goodies (if ordered). These will be available at the pickup locations listed below. 


Arguably the most important. How do you redeem a free beer without a race bib? I will provide a list of all registered runners, so all you have to do is visit Throwback between 4/18 and 5/31, tell them your name, and drink your beer. They'll cross you off the list and you're good to go. Easy. 

What if Throwback Brewery is not open by 4/18?

It's a possibility. I'm working on this detail and will provide more information as I learn more.

Pickup for swag, apparel, prizes, and goodies

If we shipped everything to all registered runners, we're looking at a cost of over $2,000. So we're trying to pass that savings onto the charities listed on the homepage. I'm hoping the pickup options will work for everyone.

  • Pickup locations/dates are still TBD because we need to see where we're at with Covid-19 prior to planning a group event. Once determined you'll receive an email with the information, and it will also be posted here. Please continue to check back for updates.

  • Unfortunately, shipping is not an option.

Additional FAQ

  1. Is the virtual race open to anyone, registered or not?

    1. Yes. However, you're only eligible for prizes and receive swag if you are registered via​

  2. Is the date on the apparel still April 18, 2020?

    1. Yes. The apparel was already purchased and printed prior to the Covid-19 social distancing situation.​


Write it here and I'll respond as quickly as humanly possible. Plus, you might be asking something someone else wants to know.