Things to know:

  1. The virtual run is scheduled for the same start as the live race was, Saturday, April 18th

  2. The start time is the same - 9:30am ET

  3. You need to participate in the run to be eligible for the gift certificate prizes. You are still entitled to the swag or items promised for registering. Read more on that little nugget on either the homepage or the virtual run info page.

  4. Only runners who (1) are officially registered for the race via, AND (2) participate in the virtual run are eligible for gift certificate prizes.

  5. All registered runners are eligible for the cash prizes

  6. Don't forget to visit our Facebook page at 9:25am on Saturday, 4/18 to hear the national anthem sung live by 8-year old Emmalina Zirpolo.

Step #1

Download the "Just Move" app on your mobile phone. In the app store, it's listed as one word, "justmove" - so please make sure to search for it as one word (not two).


Step #2

Once downloaded, and you create your account, click the red + icon at in the top center of the home page


Step #3

Click "Group" in the top right of your screen


Step #4

Click into the search bar and type "New Castle 10K" - search for this group (there is no image example for this step). I've received some feedback that the race is not listed in the "group" tab. If this is the case, go back to Step #3 and click the "subscribe" button and search for the race there. This should help the group appear and allow you to join it.

Step #5

Click "Challenges" in the top center bar of your screen


Step #6

Click into the "New Castle 10K - Official Race" and then click join. This is the official race and it will pop up on your home screen when the date approaches. You will need to enter into the app and then into this challenge to start your race. After the race has started, you can click your phone home button and move about your phone as normal. Just do not leave the race (if you try to do this, the app will warn you - so don't do it or your time won't be recorded).

Step #7

I have also created a "New Castle 10K - Test Race" for you to join, which starts at 10am on Saturday, April 11. This is 1 week prior to the official race. This will allow you to test out the app to make sure you know how to use it and can successfully participate in the race.


Having trouble?

Click here to email me and I'll try my best to help out. Before emailing, please visit the question and answer section on the virtual run information page to see if your question has been answered.